Burdan Egg Facility

Burdan Egg, was established by Matlı A.Ş., which transferred its 25-year professional feed production experience to egg production, and was launched in April 2010 in the Canbaz village of the Karacabey town of Bursa. Our facility has the high level production technologies that are used in the egg production industry worldwide. Burdan Egg, which has a production capacity of 1.350.000 eggs/day as of today, aims to reach the production capacity of 1.850.000 eggs/day at the end of the project.

Our Burdan Egg facilities operate with all their strength to add value to the current value of eggs, a rich source of protein,  in terms of human health. Burdan Egg, the first and only egg facility with the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certificate, which is an International Global Food Safety Standard, has also been the first and only egg facility entitled to Halal Certificate approved by TSE and Religious Affairs Administration. Our eggs are produced by hens which are fed 100% feed of plant origin.

Burdan Egg facilities which are established on a total area of 300.000 m2 have three separate units within.

- Chick Rearing Facility

- Egg Production Center

- Egg Sorting and Packaging Center




There are four poultry houses with an indoor area of 10.500 m2, established on an area of 56.000 m2. The houses have a total capacity of 620.000 chicks. There is also a social facility in the chick rearing facility, along with the houses. At our chick houses, feeding, lighting and ventilation systems are automatic. Automation is ensured with pressure, temperature, humidity, water pressure sensors and timers. High level biosecurity measures are in place in order to protect the health of animals which are kept in houses that are under control 24 hours from day 0 to week 16, and necessary vaccinations and health checks are carried out in order to protect the health of people and poultry and afterwards the eggs are transported to production facilities.




There are 12 chicken houses with a capacity of 1.770.000 chicken, on an indoor area of 31.750 m2 established on an area of 244.000 m2. All automation and biosecurity measures are in place at the cage system which consistes of eight levels. There is also a social facility at Burdan Egg production facility along with the houses.

When the ‘‘Burdan Egg Production Facilities Project’’ is realized completely, there will be 14 houses with the addition of two EU-type enriched cages. 6 of these houses will have a capacity of 125.000 chickens and 8 of them will have a capacity of 175.000 chickens. Thus the facility is aimed to have an indoor area of 36.000 m2 and total capacity of 2.150.000 chickens and total egg production capacity of 1.850.000 eggs/day.




Without being affected from external conditions, Burdan Eggs pass to egg weighing and packaging facility from the cages at egg production facility over conveyor belts through indoor tunnels. Burdan Eggs, which then pass to the full automatic sorting and packaging machine, first are separated by the full automatic dirty-cracked detector and then pass through the UV system which ensures the elimination of harmful microorganisms on the outer surface of eggs. Burdan Eggs than pass to the weighing section and weighed individually with a precision of 0,01 grams. At the end of weighing, the eggs are classified according to their weights.

With the sorting machine owned by the Burdan Egg production facility, which is equipped with the latest technology, it is possible to colloect 12.000 eggs/hour. Sorting machine which sorts eggs according to their weights can prepare 6-egg, 10-egg, 15-egg and 30-egg packages. Names of houses in which these eggs are produced are written onto sorted Burdan Eggs before packaging. Then the production date, expiry date and batch number are written thus identifying all products. Produt tracking system ensures the traceability of Burdan Eggs, which prioritize customer satisfaction and food safety.